Ottawa Shooting

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Public Safety Partners,


As many of you are likely already aware, shortly before 1000hrs this morning (Eastern Standard Time), multiple shootings occurred in Ottawa, in and around the Parliament Hill area. 


Reports have confirmed one member of the Canadian Armed Forces was shot and killed near the National War Memorial.  Subsequent to this, an unidentified gunman entered the Centre Block of Parliament and reportedly opened fire within the building.  Ottawa Police have confirmed that one assailant was shot and killed by security/police within the Parliament Building.


As reported in the news media, Canada’s Threat Level has been raised to Medium. 


Currently, in Alberta, there are no identified human induced intentional threats to the province; specifically to Critical Infrastructure.  As such the Province, at this time, will not be increasing the Alberta Threat Level.  The Alberta Threat Level remains at Low.  However all of our Stakeholders are reminded to report unusual behaviour that could be related to a security threat to police of local jurisdiction.


Please note there is a distinct difference between the National and Provincial Threat Levels.  The Provincial Threat Level is reviewed on an ongoing basis.


All recipients of this report are recommended to remind their staff to follow normal security awareness procedures.  It is understood that these may differ between organizations or jurisdictions, but they most commonly include relatively basic personal awareness as well as attention to physical/facility/workspace security requirements.


Provincial Duty Officer

Provincial Duty Officer

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