Building permits are required by the Safety Codes Act of the Province of Alberta. This legislation sets the minimum standards for construction and building safety for the province.

Development permit applications are evaluated in reference to the Hill Spring Land Use Bylaw.

Permits are required for:

  • The erection or construction of any building, including modular homes
  • The demolition, alteration or addition to any building, including decks with elevation of more than 600mm (24 inches) above grade
  • The change of use of any building (example, retail to restaurant)
  • The installation of mechanical equipment, wood stoves, space heaters or fireplaces
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs with a depth of more than 600mm (24 inches)
  • Retaining walls with a height more than 900mm (36 inches)

To access all other permits required for building (Building, Electrical, Gas & Plumbing) please visit the Safety Codes Council of Alberta


The following development permits have been issued by the Village of Hill Spring

2022.R1.07 2022-08-23 S Lot 2 Block 9 Plan 1002 EJ Home
2022.R1.08 2022-09-06 Lot 4 block 15 Plan 370 BD Shed
2022.R1.09 2022-10-25 Lot 7 Block 13 Plan 370 BD House addition/Geenhouse
2022.R1.10 2022-10-25 Lot 4 Block 3 Plan 370 BD Shed

These permits are granted as “permitted use” or “discretionary use” based on the regulations outlined in the Land Use Bylaw

Any person affected by these developments, who would like to appeal the conditions placed upon any of these permits, has until the posted appeal deadline to give notice of their appeal in writing, along with the payment of the $400 appeal fee, to the Hill Spring Village Office

About Planning and Development

Planning and Development plays a central role in the change and development of our community by establishing and administering the Village of Hill Spring land use planning process. Planning and development aims to ensure orderly, economical, and beneficial development, and to maintain and improve the quality of the Village’s physical environment through the application of tools and services under the land use planning process. The scope of planning and development services include:

Land Use and Sustainability Planning Land
Use and Sustainability Planning involves the creation and administration of long-term, community vision plans, such as statutory plans (e.g., Municipal Development Plan, Intermunicipal Development Plans and Area Structure Plans), and the Land Use Bylaw, which together provide direction and the regulatory mechanism for implementing the desired change.

Development Permitting and Subdivision Planning
This includes processing and issuing decisions on development permit and subdivision applications, based on approved plans, the Land Use Bylaw, and other applicable municipal and provincial legislation.

Development Control
Development Control involves the use of tools such as Development Agreements, inspections, and Land Use Bylaw enforcement mechanisms to achieve desirable development outcomes.

Other services
These are services provided to the public for a fee outside the core planning and development services (e.g., Compliance Report or Certificate).

The Village of Hill Spring works closely with the Old Man River Regional Services Commission, as they provide a great deal of processes and functionality to our planning and development services.

  • New/On Going Projects
  • Municipal Development Plan
  • Up-coming Public Hearings

General Inquiries
General inquiries about Planning and Development can be directed to the Chief Administrative Officer at the Village of Hill Spring, by phone at 403 626-3876 or by email at