In 2019 the Village and Cardston County received an ACP grant to help in the development of an ICF (Intercollaborative Framework) and IMDP (Intermunicipal Development Plan). The grant was for $50,000.00. After the completion of the ICF & IMDP there was $22,960.00 remaining. The funds were about to be returned when a discussion happened wondering if that funding could be used in some other way. Funds could be used only in a study format. No capital could be bought. In the ICF discussions a regional recreation plan was discussed. In June a resolution was made: 2022.06.112 “to proceed with ORRSC (Oldman River Regional Services Commission) to complete a recreational study, specifically trails with left over funding from the ICF Grant according to IMDP policies.” (Carried) Cardston County also agreed. Council has not made any resolution for an action plan concerning development of trails. This is only a study.


Council determined a while back for the need to update the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) 107-274, September 2008. After some discussion they requested a quote from ORRSC. This project is a ‘fee for service’ as defined in the Village’s planning contract with ORRSC. The estimated cost for preparation of a new land use bylaw is $10,000.00 with the option of payment terms to be paid over three years. The following resolution was made: 2022.06.109 “to accept the quote and fee schedule for preparation of the Land Use Bylaw as prepared by ORRSC.” (Carried) The LUB preparation is in its early stages.


ATCO Gas collects a franchise fee that is paid to the Village. The Village determines what that Franchise fee will be. At the September Council Meeting a resolution was made: 2022.09.158 “for the Franchise Fee to remain at 5%.“ (Carried)


A Remembrance Day Service will be held Friday, November 11, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. at the community hall/cenotaph. Light snacks and refreshments to follow the service.
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Utility bills will be mailed out November 3, 2022 and will be due on Wednesday, December 5, 2022. If you do not receive your bill please contact the office, 403-626-3876.
Methods of payment:

  • WIPS – automatic withdrawal; if interested you may drop by the office to register.
  • E-transfer –; please state ‘utility and the 7-digit account number’ in the comments section. If you would like an electronic receipt, please provide the office with your email;
  • In person by cash, cheque or debit;
  • Drop box on the outside of the office;
  • Online banking; please ensure your account information is correct.


Mr. Neil Evans developed and presented a PowerPoint presentation on his concepts and perception of Village drainage issues. If you are interested in viewing that presentation, you can contact the office or Mr. Evans.


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