At the Council Meeting on February 20th, Council reviewed an engagement process and approved this document as a source of information on serviced restaurants. We encourage Hill Spring residents to review the material and any other information they feel is important. On March 4th, the approved survey will be made available on-line and in the office (if  you do not have internet access) and we encourage residents to provide their feedback by completing this survey. The survey link will be made available March 4th and closes March 16th and will be posted on our website. All the data will then be complied and a report will be given to Council at the March 19th meeting for review and discussion. Council will then determine next steps if any on this important issue.

We hope all Hill Spring residents of voting age will take a moment to review the information and complete the survey. If you have any questions, please email or call the village office.

To view the background information on licensed restaurants, CLICK OR GO HERE

Remember to come back to the Hill Spring website on or after March 4th to complete the survey!